30 Excellent but Simple Acrylic Painting Ideas For Beginners

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Acrylic Painting Ideas are not so common when you are a beginner. If you are into painting then you know that coming up with ideas on what to paint can be really difficult. When you are sitting there gazing into a white and blank canvas, you may find it a little scary. The fear of making a mess and ending wasting costly supplies that will also scare you.Here are some simple hints to get you to start painting:

  1. Make and maintain a folder with some reference materials. You can keep stunning visual ideas in a binder to get your creative juices flowing when you find that your imagination is just not up to it. This does not mean that you have to make exact copies of what in your folder, just use it to get the imagination going.
  2. Doodle and draw: Simply pick up plain paper and a pencil and let your fingers do the work. You will find that your mind will send some signals your hands you will end up drawing something. Apart from improving you skills at sketching, you will find that it is another way of getting creative ideas to flow.

When it comes to painting using acrylic paints, the thing to remember is that while it is easy to dilute and clean up, the paint also dries out pretty fast. This means that if you are just beginning, take it slow so that you there is less room for errors that have to be corrected later. However, on the flip side it does save a lot of time waiting for the painting to dry especially when you are painting layers. It is easier when the paint dries fast. You can draw inspiration on what to paint from the best and popular paintings of Pablo Picasso.


Acrylic painting5

Acrylic painting4

Acrylic painting3

Acrylic painting2

One of the things that you do when you use acrylic paints to paint, is create an abstract landscape. It can be good to look at while being relatively easy to do.

  • Start with creating bands of color horizontally. This will let the viewer see it as landscape.
  • You can experiment with smaller versions of the same before trying them out on a larger scale.
  • The use of colors can be carefully considered to render a more animated and modern look

All you will need to do this is some good quality canvas, along with acrylic paint, an assortment of brushes, water and some clothes and tissues for clean.

Acrylic – Brown Dog

Acrylic Nude

Water Self Study Acrylic

New acrylic painting

Acrylic painting of nude model

Acrylic Dragon Painting

Nude acrylic painting

Tomb Raider 2012 Lara Croft – Acrylic Painting

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How To Involve Teenagers In Art Projects?

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When it comes to art, many believe that it is an inextricable part of life while some do not consider art all that important. The fact is art is something that plays a vital role in our lives if not in terms of a means of living then in many other ways. Art adds an extra dimension to our lives that makes things more interesting and pleasing to the senses. It is also a way to discover the core of creativity that we all have and harnessing it as a means of keeping stress away. That is why it makes sense that you have crafts for children with some ideas to keep them busy during the holidays. This applies more so to those kids who are entering their teens as they tend to have a lot of excess energy, which they don’t know where to direct.

teenagers art project 1

teenagers art project 2

teenagers art project 4

teenagers art project 5

Introducing art to children, especially to those entering their teens is not something that is to be taken lightly. Teenagers tend to be rebellious and will oppose anything you say just for the heck of doing it. That is why you should start the topic with them obliquely by appealing to the side of them that feels that they are superior to grownups. Like asking them what is digital art or something on those lines. However, it is important that your teenage children have some interests beyond the usual in studies and sports. Interest in art will give them a well-rounded personality as well as stand them in good stead when it comes to beating stress later on in their lives.

tenagers art project 6

teenagers art project 11

teenagers art project 12

teenagers art project 14

Here Are Some Other Tips That You Can Use To Involve Your Teenage Children In Art Projects:

Take the indirect approach: We all know that teenagers are not the easiest people to interact with and they tend to take anything prescribed by their parents as dull and boring. If you really want your teenage children to take up art projects, it is better not to start telling them about it. The best way to go about it is with seeming indifference. This will make them curious and they will soon be involved in some artistic endeavors that appeals to them.

teenagers art project 15

teenagers art project 17

teenagers art project 18

teenagers art project 19

Study your teen and then recommend an activity: Each child is different and will have different interests, and that is why it is best that you study your teenage child or children to know what appeals to them. Doing this can give you many ideas for which direction to take in this regard. Once you know their area of general interest, it will become easier for you to nudge them towards that.

teenagers art project 20

tenagers art project 23

teenagers art project 24

teenagers art project 25

Make it a group project: Teenagers by nature tend to be part of groups and any project that seems okay with the group will appeal to them too. Therefore, it would be a really good idea to involve their peer group in art projects. This will ensure that they will not only participate but also see it through to the end.

teenagers art project 27

teenagers art project 28

teenagers art project 29

teenagers art project 30

Do not interfere once they start: Another thing about teenagers and art or for that matter any project to remember is that they hate adult interference. That is why, once they have taken up a project, do not interrupt them or interfere in any way. In case you feel they are going in the wrong direction, it is still better to be an observer than interfering. Soon they themselves will approach you and at that point you can help them.

teenagers art project 34

teenagers art project 33

teenagers art project 32

teenagers art project 35

Getting teenagers involved in art projects may not be easy but it does have a lot of benefits for them, which makes it worth the effort.

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