bird art 3

What Is Bird Art? Learn More About It

Have you ever stood on your balcony or facing a window or on your terrace looking at birds wishing that you too could fly? The ability to be able to simply spread your wings and take off must be an amazing feeling, which is why birds seem to look so happy and satisfied. We are

airbrush art 23

Airbrush Art – To Add That Touch Of Perfection

Sometimes you look at a work of art that you have created and wish that you could do something to make it perfect. As with everything in life where progress has touched this area too and technology has enabled artists to do just that. In fact, we are sure you would have heard of airbrushing

lettering art 13

Lettering Art Examples For Inspiration

Writing and writing well is an art by itself and when you make the lettering special by using art, then it really becomes a fine art. In the olden days when people had no access to printing devices that could mass-produce the written word, writing letters beautifully was a highly sought after skill that only

black and white photography 21

The Art Of Black And White Photography

In art, it is better to sometimes go back to the basics especially when they are soft and so pretty like black and white photography. The art of black and white photography can really be more difficult than you would think in the first place. This is because this form of photography does not use

Creative Farmhouse Decoration Ideas (11)

40 Creative Farmhouse Decoration Ideas

Life on a farmhouse can be idyllic if you are into that kind of life but for that to happen, you need to be comfortable in your space. This does not happen by chance but needs you set things up so that they work out for you. By essence, creative farmhouse decoration ideas will have

chalk pastel techniques 25

Chalk Pastel Techniques – Learn How To Use It

There is a certain skill involved in each form of art, a knack that you have to grasp so that you become a master at what you do. There is no doubt that natural artistic talent has a role to play in this, but one also learn how to use the right techniques to get