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World Of Handicrafts- Fascinating, Fulfilling And Fun

What is a handicraft? It basically denotes something that is made by hand and has a bit of artistic touch added to it. Many handicrafts are items of clothing or jewelry or bits of decoration used around the house. Sometimes handicrafts can also be bits of furniture and other wooden items around the home. While

Find Out More About What Installation Art Is All About

It is a good thing that we live in a world where the scope and definition of most things keeps expanding to add new dimension to the same thing and this definitely applies to the world of art. When it comes to art, these new dimensions are welcomed with open arms, as art is a

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Everything About Fractal Art – Absolutely Fascinating

Have you ever seen the images that used to be created when you look through the kaleidoscope? These are really fascinating images that keep changing when you move the tube along. Have you ever wished that you could capture those lovely and often unique designs to replicate elsewhere? If you have, (and most of us

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The Art Of Architecture And The Beauty Of It

It is a pastime of many people to stop and look at buildings and this is something that many people confess that they find very soothing. When you look at an attractive building, we are sure that your first thought is to dream of living in it. But once you are over that wishful thought,

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Social Media Is The Next Form Of Art

When it comes to social media, everyone has an opinion and it is not always good but the truth remains that social media is here and it is going to stay. Then the next question that comes to mind is what does social media have to do with art? Actually, when you think about it,

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12 Crafts For Kids Using Paper Plates

We have always stood by the maxim that it is possible to do arts and crafts using any kind of raw material. Take the humble paper plate for instance, who would have thought that so many craft ideas would be possible with this? Like craft ideas using newspaper that is being recycled, this too is

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Equine Art – In Motion Even While Still

Art knows no boundaries, believes in no limitations and has no definition beyond the appeal to senses. That is why, artists look for something to please the senses in whatever they create. Animals seem to have the quality in plenty and when you think about it, artists have turned to the natural beauty of animals