party paper decoraions 5

Paper Decorations To Make A Party Lovely And Lively

Paper has been part of the art world without us giving conscious importance to it as a material that is used for art or art projects. But think about it; there is Origami the interesting art of folding paper to make shapes, which can produce some really good pieces of art and on the other

dog tattoo designs (13)

40 Dog Tattoo Designs For You

The world of tattoos while being all about the visuals is not limited to that. The fact is people who get tattoo do so for a deeper meaning and significance that it holds for them. That is why deciding on what tattoo to get is never simple or straightforward; it takes a lot of thought

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Learn How To Make Friendship Bracelet With Numbers

People like to give many things as gifts to their friends and when the gift they give is something that they made themselves, then it becomes that much more special. The fact is that art of bracelet making even though it looks as if it is complex can be easy enough once you get the

foo dog tattoo designs (18)

40 Foo Dog Tattoo Designs For You

The world of tattoos, tattoo designs and tattoo artists are burgeoning with possibilities and the best part is that there is no limit to these possibilities. It is very much possible for a person who has never been to the orient to be inspired by a design that is based in the orient. In the

Useful and Creative DIY Ideas to try in 2015  (35)

30 Useful And Creative DIY Ideas To Try In 2015

The best part of art even when it is not meant for greatness and fame around the world can be very useful and provide an outlet for your creativity. That is what makes art so great as there are many do it yourself ideas that you can try. There are things like simple sewing projects

threadwork jewelry 6

The Art Of Creating Beauty With Thread Work

Art has had a big influence in our lives and one of the ways art has affected many aspects of our lives is by having an influence on the mundane. It has the tendency to take the mundane and making it into a work of art. The use of thread in various forms of art

food art 16

The Nuances Of Food Art And How It Works

The fact is food is that part of our lives that is always there but not given that much importance beyond the taste, freshness and availability of it. In fact, as time passes we start to think of food more in terms of nutrition and calories than anything else, what with the increasing emphasis on

Lovely Japanese Gift Wrapping ideas (35)

40 Lovely Japanese Gift Wrapping ideas

Art, in all its many forms is around you and all you need to do is look for it to find something new. This is true for those who possess the artistic way of looking at things. In fact, blessed are those who can find something pretty and worthy of appreciation in everything they come

mixed media art 14

Mixed Media Art – The Redefining Of The Way You Look At Art

Have you heard of mixed media art? While some people have the habit of mistaking multimedia art for mixed media art, it is not quite the same thing. Mixed media art is basically about the mixing two or more mediums of art to create an interesting new version. You can take something like pastel shades