40 Hyper-Realistic Oil Paintings

You know why art is so fascinating? We think it is due to the fact that though art borrows from reality, which is vast, it also relies on imagination, which has no limits. Add to this, elements like creativity and the vast plethora of inputs that we add to this, you will have to conclude

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Decoration Tips To Make Your Room Look Bigger

When it comes to home decoration, many ideas out there seem to work out for those who have no budgetary constraints. However, that does not mean that you cannot make your home beautiful and comfortable when on a limited budget, but it does mean that you have to spend more on the thought and planning

tribal art and culture 32

Tribal Artwork And Culture

Art as a concept has no limits or boundaries, which is one of the things that enhances the beauty of it. People have used art to make things beautiful and in some cases added a utilitarian aspect to it making it even more beautiful. When it comes to tribes and art, the connection transcends the

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20 Amazing But Simple Recycling Ideas

Life gives us both pleasures as well as pitfalls and as we grow up and grow older, we learn to deal with both with an equanimity. However, life also gives us some opportunities where pleasures that are simple but immensely pleasing come to us and we should make the most of these. Surprisingly, one such

Cool Garden Stair Ideas For Inspiration (32)

40 Cool Garden Stair Ideas For Inspiration

Often people make the mistake of thinking of art as something that is to do only with the senses and nothing to do with practicality. People who think like this are right in thinking that art can please the senses and wrong in that they think art has no practical use. Did you know that

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How To Encourage Your Kids To Keep Their Room Clean

If you want your kids to be well-rounded individuals who appreciate the beauty of things around them and know the value of these things, then you need to educate them. By educating them we mean not only about things like fun facts about China that kids would enjoy knowing, but also about how to take

Lovely Veranda Design Ideas For Inspiration (18)

40 Lovely Veranda Design Ideas For Inspiration

When it comes to spaces, there are some that are part of the interior of the home and some that are part of the exterior. However, the spaces that are outside yet give the impression of being private, are the spaces that are the most interesting, like the verandah. It is definitely outside the home


Crafts With Glitter – Simple And Satisfying

When it comes to art, we tend to think in terms of the artistic vision, immense skills and talent not to mention painful artistic process. All this is true to a great extent and it is also the way things are supposed to be, but this does not mean that those who do not have