t shirt art 12

T-Shirt Art – Appealing, Casual And Useful

You get up in the morning planning to go for a run and then you casually reach out for that t-shirt that makes you look really smart and cheers you up to wear it and go. Why are we saying all this? Because t-shirts have become such an integral part of our lives that we

Must Try Stair Wall Decoration Ideas (29)

40 Must Try Stair Wall Decoration Ideas

If you have a stair wall to decorate, then it is obvious that your abode has a stair, which means that you are moving up in life (pun intended). Having a stair and thereby a stair wall adjacent to the stairs is definitely an uplifting thought (there is that pun again). Jokes apart, the stair

mosaic art 18

Explore The Wonderful World Of Mosaic Art

Have you ever wondered what was the basis of art works that you have seen that is composed of bits and pieces? Did you know they come under the category of mosaic art? One could almost say that art from junk, which is recycling in art form, is inspired by mosaic art. If you are

inlay art 20

Inlay Art Work – Intricate And Interesting

Have you looked at those old Moorish palaces and wondered what the art depicted there is called? Well in many instances, they have an art form that is called inlay. In this form of art, a hard material is used as the background, usually stone or wood. The design is etched into the material and

Mermaid Scales Tattoo Designs For Girls (22)

30 Mermaid Scales Tattoo Designs For Girls

Let us do a recap – a magical creature; half woman, half Piscean with magical qualities, incredible beauty and the ability to mesmerize. Yes, we are talking about mermaids and the fascination they have for us whether it is in a fantasy adult version or in a cartoon. It is hardly surprising then that many

nature inspired art 5

Nature Inspired Works Of Art That Will Make You Smile

Does art require inspiration? The answer to this question would always be in the affirmative as art does require a force that will keep it going. Ask any artist and they will tell you that Mother Nature has been one of the major sources of inspiration for art and artists. All forms of art including

Bright Room Settings and Decoration Ideas (14)

40 Bright Room Settings And Decoration Ideas

Many of us have fixed ideas for lighting rooms that we stay in and this tends to veer towards either very dark or towards well-lit rooms. However, the thing is that is not all that makes a room dark or light, it is also the decoration theme that adds to the lightness or darkness of

costume designs for movies 3

Art Of Film-making And The Artistic Thoughts That Go Into It

Movie, cinema, films et al have been part of our lives for as long as we know. We cannot imagine life without them as they provide us with a much-needed outlet from the drudgery of our lives. They are our escape into a world of entertainment where things are larger than life with each story

Original Line Tattoo Designs (38)

40 Original Line Tattoo Designs

Tattoos everywhere and not enough space to get them – this is the sentiment that many have in their mind when they look at the riches in terms of tattoo designs. It is true that today not only is there no dearth of tattoo designs but also no lack of good artists who are trained