40 Easy Pastel Paintings For Beginners

Painting is an art form that is great to look at and often one starts wondering if it is also easy to do as it looks. However, if you have ever attempted to paint yourself, then you will know that it is not at all easy contrary to the impression you may get from looking

Most Detailed Cake Art Examples Like Never Seen Before (19)

40 Most Detailed Cake Art Examples Like Never Seen Before

Cakes are delicious and yummy to eat but that is not all. Today cakes and cake decorations are considered an art form. The good thing about the times today is that people earn a lot more and thereby are willing to spend more, which enables people who are into creating artistic cakes to earn their

Small and Sexy Neck Tattoos For 2016 (14)

40 Small and Sexy Neck Tattoos For 2016

The neck is a lovely area of the body not only because of the utilitarian value it provides by supporting the head. The neck is also considered a delicate and beautiful part of the body in both the genders, since it is a subtly sexy part of the body. What is more the neck is

Luxury high end style bathroom Designs (11)

40 Luxury High End Style Bathroom Designs

If you ask someone, which room is the soul of the home, then the answers are likely to range from the kitchen to the living room. However, if you think about the personal space that everyone craves for at the end of the day, then the space that everyone would think of but hate to