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Disney Sketch Art Inspirations – Fun Art For All Ages

We often talk about art requiring imagination, about art requiring skills, art requiring willpower but there is one more thing that art requires that we often overlook. We are talking about inspiration here; not a muse like many top artists claim they need but something to inspire you. However, having said that it is difficult

Unique Arm Band Tattoo Designs (36)

40 Unique Arm Band Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have a huge impact on the person getting one no doubt but also resonate with the ones who look at it. Part of the reason that people get tattoos whether they admit it or not is also to get the attention of others. While there is no doubt that tattoos are a manifestation of

Mind Blowing Surreal Paintings (23)

30 Mind Blowing Surreal Paintings

Imagine a world where your dreams and the way they distort reality can be reproduced on canvas, paper or some other material on which artists paint. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Well, if you are the type to let your imagination take over and rule over your interest in the world of art, then you will

Traditional Thai tattoo Designs (12)

40 Traditional Thai Tattoo Designs

There are many aspects of the Thai culture that we are fascinated with like the massages they give, their food culture, and their colorful customs. However, have you ever spared a thought to traditional Thai tattoo designs? The thing is, there is a lot more to traditional Thai tattoo designs than one might think. Did

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The Many Styles Of Painting – Know More!

If you are a painting aficionado, then you are sure to love the different types of painting styles that are out there. Starting from the most basic of easy canvas painting ideas right down to hyper-realistic oil paintings the details in which will make you gasp in surprise, there is no lack of choice. That

Insanely Gorgeous Circle Tattoo Designs (8)

40 Insanely Gorgeous Circle Tattoo Designs

No matter what tattoo design you pick out, there are some elements of it that are a given. The first thing is that the tattoo will not be merely for decoration or show but have a deep significance for you.  The second aspect of a tattoo is that it has to be pretty gorgeous for

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A Tutorial About Brushes – All You Wanted To Know About Them

The thing is our mind naturally goes to paintings when one hears conversations about art. That is how much we associate art with painting. Having said that, one also realizes that painting is not just about artistic vision, skill and techniques, one also needs to know about the right kind of brushes one needs to

Beautiful and Soft Impressionism Paintings (16)

30 Beautiful And Soft Impressionism

When it comes to art, the one thing that any art lover will admit to loving about it is the sheer amount of choice in terms of what to view as well as what to work on. Yes, the way the artistic world keeps on expanding to embrace new concepts all the time. If you

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What Is Ephemeral Art? Read To Know More

Who is the best artist of all? This could be a question that could be the hardest as well as the easiest to answer. Tough because no artist likes to admit that some other artist is better than him or her and easy because the answer is obvious – Mother Nature is the best artist