Scary Halloween Decoration Ideas to try this Year (32)

40 Scary Halloween Decoration Ideas To Try This Year

Halloween is the season for make believe where people work at creating special effects. Even simple homes are converted into scary bits of art that children around the area enjoy. Why only children, even grownups tend to enjoy the scary Halloween decorations that are put up every year. Halloween is the festival of scary pictures

40 Pretty Gallery Wall Decoration Ideas

Sometimes the only way to bring art right into the home that you live in is by borrowing some ideas from art itself. We are sure that this statement may not clarify things for you. What we mean in this instance is that ideas that come from the places like art galleries can be a

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50 Things You Don’t Need To Know

Life is full of many wonderful things and you can spend a lifetime in the quest for knowing all about the wonderful things out there and still never exhaust all the things that you need to know about. The addition of wonderful aspects in life like art take things to the next level and add

Beautiful Carnivale Masks and Meaning (8)

40 Beautiful Carnivale Masks And Meaning

Why do people use masks? Masks have been part of many cultures across the world and they are not only works of art but also represent many other things. In fact, a look at the masks that different cultures use will give you an insight not only into their history and into the cultural roots

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Different Forms Of Dancing – Learn More

Art is not limited to creating things that are displayed separate from your own self; it can also be using your body to perform. Dance is one such art form, which a human being may learn to perform not only for others but also for the sheer joy of doing it. That is the sheer

Raw Bamboo House Designs (7)

30 Engaging Examples Of Lovely Bamboo Houses

Houses come in different types, shapes, sizes and even made of different material. While this vast array of choices can make the decision making process a bit confusing, it also makes things more exciting. Not only the house per se, we even have many beautiful floor ideas for your house, which can be a big

incidental art 17

What Is Incidental Art? Discover More About It!

hat is incidental art? Well, it is an art form that occurs quite by accident when the intention of the creator is not to create work of art in the first place. Many examples of incidental art can be seen in nature and artists have leveraged such things to make it even better. You may

Beautiful Garden Fountain ideas (39)

40 Beautiful Garden Fountain Ideas

If you are blessed enough to have a home with a lovely garden, then you should make the most of it. One of the ways to go about making the most of the garden is to add a lovely garden fountain. All it takes is a little bit of imagination and some water work system

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30 Things That Are Complete Lies

They say art is all about illusion and to a certain extent this is true as art does have elements of fantasy about it. For example if you look at the beautiful pictures from the shores of the mythical land, which you will wish were the truth. On the other hand, art also deals with