Smart Furniture Projects to Try This Year (3)

40 Smart Furniture Projects to Try This Year

What exactly is smart furniture and how does on go about doing smart furniture projects? Well, many people may have different definitions of this but when you think about it practically, then this concept points at the use of your existing furniture to the best effect or using waste material to make simple and sustainable

Clever Graffiti Ideas With Diff Angle  (18)

40 Clever Graffiti Ideas With Diff Angle

You want to look at clever graffiti ideas with a different angle? Then you should know that artists who are into this kind of artistic expressions have to do this due to necessity as well as a means of their creativity. Though many view graffiti with a jaundiced eye ( we cannot blame them if

Cool Pinstripe Art Ideas to Try in 2015 (22)

40 Cool Pinstripe Art Ideas To Try In 2015

When it comes to art something as mundane as a shadow falling in a particular way in certain light can be the source of inspiration. That is why it is not surprising to think that something as cool as pinstripes can be a source of a fount of art based ideas. It could manifest itself

kitchen ideas 21

Some Great Kitchen Ideas For You To Consider

When we talk of the people’s homes, we talk of different rooms but we often ignore the most important room – the kitchen. The kitchen can be the hub of the whole house where the family members get together to share a meal, talk about their day, seek comfort and succour at the end of

Mind Relaxing Summer Photos  (1)

40 Mind Relaxing Summer Photos

What does the mind need in order to be relaxed? We are sure that most people will come up with a list of things that they find relaxing. However, we are sure all you need some times to relax your mind is a pleasant visual. What can be more pleasing than a warm summer scene?

Insane mechanics tattoo Designs (33)

40 Insane Mechanics Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are art too and the only difference is that the art is on a canvas that is a human body instead of an inanimate object. Which in essence means that there is a certain amount of pain involved in the process but one, which, most people put up with so that they can have

new media art 7

What Is New Media Art? Find Out More About It!

When it comes to art, the introduction of technology into this creative world has only served to make it better. With social media and digital media playing a big role in the world today it is not surprising that youngsters today consider social media is the next form of art and when you think about

paper houses 5

25 Paper House Projects For Kids To Do

When you have kids spending more time at home during their vacations, finding something for them to do is very important. The thing about kids is that not only their mind and fingers but also their imagination needs to be engaged when it comes leisure activities. Art is one of the things that could stir