rustic decorating ideas for the home (20)

40 Rustic Decorating Ideas For The Home

The world of art is huge that it encompasses many things that are created by artists all over the world. However, have you ever thought about the biggest artist of us all? Yes, we are talking about Mother Nature who paints a canvas that we all strive to emulate but she is the original and

Creative Chalkboard Paint Ideas (20)

40 Creative Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Art has to do with the senses and one of the earliest memories that forms part of our sensory reception about art is that of chalk on board. We will often find that we are comfortable with the idea of rendering our imagination and imagery on to a bit of board using simple chalk to

Stained glass Art and Jewelry Ideas (48)

40 Stained Glass Art And Jewelry Ideas

The best part of art; at least from the artist’s or the art lovers’ point of view is that there are no restrictions on art. These lack of restrictions not only apply to the way art is done and presented but also to the various type of raw materials that are used in the process.